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Sold Puppies/ New Owners

Sold Puppies In Their New Homes

Please enjoy our photos of sold puppies in their new homes. 

We have just started to post photos from past litters, if you do not see your photo on this page

please contact me. 

If you purchased a puppy in the past from us and would like to have your photo posted please send me an email. 

I promise to get it posted right away.

A special THANK YOU to all who have sent photos in!

Dawn Brown and her Livestock Dogs at Tail Feathers Farms ( Sury's Puppies )


 The Long family enjoys all holidays with Great Pyr fun! 

 Lizzy And Sampson living with the Long family in Chicago -Halloween

  Abby just spoiled rotten! Living in PA with the Lingle Family!


 Rooster takes a nap at the Roath home!


Cooper  (at 8 months, from Mattie and Bogarts litter) ~ Will and Megan Davis


George, now resting in Oklahoma with Mike and Jennifer

Frank is now living happily in Canada with Pat and Gail.  I am not sure which boy is sweeter?

Oscar is very happy with his new family in Wisconsin.

Oliver (renamed Zubin) rests with his new friend.

     Frank, renamed Thor is VERY happy in Canada with Gail and Pat!

  Sly, renamed Max is living the good life with the Clark family in Ohio.